Ali Davies

What can I say about these guys that you don’t know already! They are truly amazing! Ryan Scott & Harry worked with me for 6 months giving me nothing but there support and amazing guidance. From lifting with correct form to brutal leg sessions & diet plans adjusted to my work/life/body they were excellent through out! If you’re really serious about getting into or back into shape these are your guys.


Calum Bushby

I joined Primitive Performance in March 2018 for a 13 week prep for my first bodybuilding show. Being a Type 1 diabetic I was slightly concerned how much of a barrier this would be to achieving the condition required whilst keeping absolute control of my blood glucose levels.

Thankfully Primitive Performance developed an evolving diet that worked whilst keeping my health a top priority.

Ryan, Harry & Scott are all top blokes with outstanding knowledge. Looking forward to a bigger & better 2019. 



Paola King

I wanted to lose weight, get rid of body fat, improve both definition & athletic performance. But, at 55 years old I knew it wasn’t going to be easy!

I decided that the only way forward was to find a strength & conditioning coach who would understand not only the need for sports specific conditioning, but also the nutritional & physical recovery specifications relevant to a veteran.

It took me 2 years but I eventually found the awesome Primitive Performance Team.

Since working with the boys I have lost 2 stone, am looking way more athletic, feeling much healthier, stronger, fitter & am eating much more! I have smashed all my PB's including 18 seconds off my 400m & an incredible 59 seconds off my 800m! I also placed 8th at the 2018 World Masters Track & Field Championships 300m Hurdles and finished near the top of the GB V55 rankings in a number of events.

I can’t wait for the next World Championships!



Lydia Mcmanus

I undertook a 16 week training and diet plan with Primitive Performance before my first bikini competition. I had never lifted weights before yet they made me feel very comfortable and provided so much help and support. This is where my love and passion for weight lifting began with the boys giving me the tools and fundamentals to be able to train and get my body into the best shape of my life! Not only was the physical transformation amazing but I gained so much more confidence. I have made friends for life and weightlifting has become part of my life now! I can't thank the Primitive Performance Team enough!



Lukasz Folta

Starting from amazing atmosphere at Primitive gym, through their professional guidance to competition prep- its all worth it. Absolutely enjoy entire process, Primitive performance delivers New push with every single sesh, guys make sure they keep you motivated and you will receive support with your ups and downs. Cannot recommend enough ☆☆☆☆☆



Trevor Northcott

There is no word to describe how I feel right now. The dramatic changes that I put my body through are all down to Primitive Performance . I feel very grateful to have found such an amazing team, who pays attention to the smaller details and who take care of their clients way beyond my expectations. I have never been prepped the way I’ve been prepped with them. Their knowledge of the industry is endless.



Jasmin Howarth


I am proud to say I was Primitive Performance's first ever Vegan client! Although admitting they had no previous experience with vegans this did not phase them and the support I received from all the Primitive team was amazing throughout my 14 week prep for PCA Bodypower. It was my first bikini competition, and although excited about the process I had heard some absolute horror stories about prep: being hungry all the time, mood swings and just being generally miserable.
However, the structured approach I received from the Primitive team meant that initially they increased my calories to such I level I was actually struggling to eat the volume of food in my plan (I had genuinely never eaten so much!)! I worked hard and followed the training programmes provided, and I gained muscle and lost body fat. Living the dream! 
It was only at about 6 weeks out did we remove the flexibility from my diet and start to increase the training sessions and cardio. And as we got closer to the show the calories reduced and workouts increased to a more volume based format. But I still had lots of energy and felt really positive (which was very different to what some of my fellow competitors were experiencing!). I was able to ‘grow’ into the show and bring my best condition to the stage. Together we proved the doubters wrong; you can build muscle naturally on a vegan diet! 
Prep is not an easy process, success doesn’t just happen, you really need to work hard and make sacrifices. But Primitive gave me the tools and support I needed to make it happen. It was an absolute pleasure working with them, i really appreciated their straight-up, positive style which kept me focussed. Cannot wait for my next show!



Danny Parker

I joined Primitive Performance as I felt like I wasn't achieving what I thought was possible. Making the decision to join and commit to a programme was the best thing I did. 100% happy with the whole process and the knowledge all the team have is second to none, highly recommended.



Scott Devenish

In January this year I made a big decision to try and better myself both physically and mentally and contacted the guys at Primitive Performance to begin a 3 month body transformation package.
3 months on and I'm a completely different person thanks to the guys at Primitive. I'm fitter, healthier and a whole lot happier than when I first started and it has completely changed my outlook on life. I honestly cannot thank them enough for all the support, advice and guidance over the last few months. I most definitely wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for them.
I was truly blown away by my results at the end of the three months and again can't thank them enough for pushing me, motivating me and helping me to achieve my goals.
Graham Turp

 Since I started my journey from the sofa to the stage I have come to realise that Bodybuilding is no different than any other individual sport, it is a TEAM effort.

The guidance of a good coach to design and evolve the correct training programs to suit your individual needs and tailor your food plan is essential; the weekly check-ins keep you focused on your goals and when things go wrong (trust me, something will go wrong and you won’t see it coming!!) you need the right team of people to get you back on track.

When I stared training with Scott I explained that my goal was to compete in the “Masters Men Physique” category at the UKBFF South Coast show in April 2018, and as long as when I finally got on stage I was in the best shape I could possibly be with no excuses that would be good enough for me. Come the day of the show I was 9kg lighter & tighter with my waist having gone from 34” to 26”. At 45 I'm in the best shape of my life...Oh & I came 5th out of an impressive line-up of 12 athletes, I’m now hooked & currently getting ready for the next show.

So yes, the Primitive Performance plan is amazing & I would encourage anyone who wants to change their lives for the better to join up & become part of the TEAM

 Ryan, Scott & Harry thank you for all your guidance and support.


Lewis Wakefield

I wanted to build muscle size & drop bodyfat to give myself more confidence after I had let myself go through drinking & a bad diet, I had been training but with no goal & lacking motivation.

After speaking with Scott, Harry & Ryan at Primitive Performance they tailor made me a plan. With their knowledge, motivation & extremely good guidance I finally started to see results. They are friendly & very professional. I am just about to get married & thanks to the lads I am feeling much more confident about having my top off at the beach on honeymoon!

I can't recommend these boys enough to anyone that needs guidance in their training & diet. Thanks lads! 


 Will Snowshall

My journey started with Primitive Performance because I had been training, wanted to compete as a bodybuilder but had no real idea with food as a whole. I’ve never known how to work out macros, calories etc but with the help and experience of the team it took the stress away and put me on track. Thanks to the boys I achieved my best look to date. Primitive Performance was 100% the right choice.



Lee Diapes

I worked with the Primitive Performance lads in preparation for my first men’s physique competition, April 2017. 
I worked closely with Harry who was there for me every step of the way, from text messages and advice to seeing me in person and checking my condition, I couldn’t have asked for better! 
All the lads played a part in my prep Scott and Ryan helped on many occasion with advice, my quarter turns and posing technique. 
I’m very grateful to the lads, I’d highly recommend them and would happily work again with them again in the future.



 .Samantha Mccormack

The guys at Primitive Performance helped me get from average to amazing for my first bodybuilding show. I'm so thankful for the whole experience and from all that I have learned from it also. They are extremely knowledgeable and motivating. Not just because of their qualifications but because of all the years of experience training people and training themselves. This experience shows through so much when they are coaching you. Every question I asked was answered like they are walking talking gym googles! They are there for you through the whole process and I felt completely supported throughout. There are plenty of people offering coaching but who better to go to than a group of athletes with a whole bunch of trophies between them? Looking forward to working with them in the future and watching them continue to grow themselves



Kyle Braid

I came to Primitive Performance for a 16 week diet/training prep to lose bodyfat and get into shape for a photoshoot.  They worked closely with me throughout the duration and were meticulous about me checking-in every week without fail to ensure all the correct changes were made. 

They care about their clients doing well, and were always there for questions and guidance along the way! Would highly recommend to anyone serious about competing or getting into great shape.



Alan Young

I came to the Primitive Performance guys to get fit for my Mount Everest Basecamp Challenge, plus I also wanted to strip away fat as I had never had a 6 pack before.

With their help & guidance I smashed both goals managing the 140km trip to basecamp after getting the leanest I have ever been. Without their coaching I doubt I would have achieved either goal never mind both! Great thing is I actually had fun & learnt a lot in the process. Thanks again guys, you've been great! 



Tanya Thornton

A huge thank you to all the Primitive Performance Team. You've been hugely supportive over the past 12 weeks, especially at times when my motivation slipped. Before I started this program, I was training most days but never seeing any results, not sure what exactly I should be eating.  Since starting, I've had structured training and diet plans, eating more then i was before I started and finally seeing some results. I can't wait to see what else I can achieve in 2018 with the help of Scott and the rest of the primitive team ❤️❤️ thank you guys xx