About Us

 We are Primitive Performance, physique transformation specialists.  We have over 45 years experience between us & a proven track record of achieving peak condition for both clients and ourselves.

We offer a completely personalised service, custom built for your body, taste, timetable, budget & goals. Give us your commitment and we'll provide you with the plan, programme & support needed to produce a transformation that doesn't need to say anything about weight or inches because your pictures alone will do the talking!

More than just aesthetics, we can also develop strength & fitness, improve sports performance, health & injury rehabilitation.

 If you're serious about transforming your body, we are the team for you.  


Left to Right:
Scott Exley- Strength & Conditioning Coach, Master Trainer, Nutritional Advisor, Ex Great Britain Athlete (Decathlon) & Natural Mens Physique Competitor.
Ryan Petford- BSc Nutrition, Owner of Primitive Gym, Classic Bodybuilding Competitor.
IFBB Pro Harry Harris: 
IFBB Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor, Deep Tissue Masseur, Heavyweight Bodybuilding Competitor.