Sports massage

Not a day goes by where I don't have some one asking me about an injury. I wish I could say just rest and it will go away. Truth be told injuries will never leave you and you are guaranteed to get them after training for a certain period of time. So what do you do:

Rehab not rest: yes initial rest is good but you can start the rehab process within 2 weeks of a muscular injury. Seek professional advice for this.
Warm up & activation: using exercises to warm up and activate muscle groups before training will help in the maintenance of an injury as well as avoid new ones.
Sports massage:
Removing scar tissue from injuries and regular training means a hands on approach. Not the kind you get in the Thai salon on the corner of your road but a professional massage therapist that can get into the layers of muscle where the scar tissue builds up. Not only will this improve muscle growth but it will greatly reduce the risk of injury.
Thanks to @primitiveprincesses and @harryharris2505 for keeping me in one piece. Both working out of Primitive gym.

Bad dietary habits can increase inflammation, thus causing more pain. Eat nutritious foods full of micronutrients, I personally reduce carb intake (carbohydrates are an inflammatory) and increase fats when my injuries decide to play up. Avoid pre workouts or anything that may increase blood flow to your injury during an initial Injury phase.
Lastly there is no excuse not to train, the injury will not just simply disappear only get worse due to muscle atrophy. TRAIN SMART

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