Prepping whilst away

Something that we all struggle with. Now if your just looking to get some abs then you will not have to worry about this, you can enjoy the odd weekend prep free. However, if your goal is to compete then precision is key. Your opponents will be prepared no matter what and its the fine details that make a great bodybuilder. Give yourself enough time to prep your food and bag before leaving. Most hotel rooms dont have fridges so you can only prep so much food. If your away for 2 or 3 or more days you will need to invest in a portable hot plate and a pair of scales to travel with (dont forget your pan). You can buy your food and cook your meals fresh each day once you have run out of your prepped meals from home. Open the hotel window and take washing up liquid and your low cal cooking spray. You can enjoy weekends away whilst never missing a meal or dealing with restaurant food that is always layered with extra cals.

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