Natural supplement regime

Many struggle to maintain muscle when off cycle, as a result many will cut their time off short. I have always advocated time off to let your body return to its natural homeostasis. I recomend 3 to 4 months off then back to a 4 to 5 month sensible cycle. Like anything your body will have a limit to how much it can absorb. The less you can take the better. In time you can make slight increases as needed. Dont run before you can walk. Prioritise health, diet and training, no amount of AAS can make up for neglection of the above. I dont recomend anyone take enhancements, its down to the individual to make that decision as an adult on their own. Do your research and seek advice from a reputable coach. Not some guy who wants to sell you bath tub solutions at a profit. This is just my opinion, many recomend bridging, this mean continuing a low dose of test whilst off everything else. To be honest in todays open bodybuilding this may be a necessity, but only if your competing as a proffesional (a tiny % of bodybuilders). I believe some of the guys in the 90s would come off but today it seems to be common practice to bridge. Just bare in mind that this will cause complete shut down of your own production which can sometimes be irreversible. Meaning a lifetime of supplementation with testosterone. And the NHS will not care that you have shut yourself down, it is your responsibility. I will do blogs in the future on the need for added test in later years as our natural production decreases. I will also do posts on quantities etc. We work with assisted and non assisted athletes and i have competed naturally and non naturally. The below can be used by a natural athlete and for those off cycle. I found it helped me maintain some of my muscle, the quality obviously isn't as good. My diet off is just as strict when on, my training intensity also remains the same. Dont come off and head down the pub, eat crap and reduce your training then wonder why you've lost everything. Pictures attached are after 4 months off all AAS. Weight 113kg. 


Supplement regime:


Tribulus or natural test boosting supplement.

After breakfast:

One good Multi vitamin, curcumin 1000 to 2000mg. High dose odderless garlic supplement (1000 to 5000mg) Omega 3 supplement (half recomended dose). Greens supplement. Glucan and selenium supplement (boosts inmmume system which lowers when comingoff and from hard training).

Pre workout:

10g glutamine, 5g creatine, 4g beta alanine, 4g Arginine. 

During: EAA.intra plus carbohydrates Currently trialing peptopro during training. 


5g creatine, 10g glutamine. Whey isolate (50g protein for my weight). 

Non training days:

No creatine, 10g glutamine, 10g BCAA or EAA, 4g arginine. 

Before bed:

Vit D and calcium supplement (recomended dose) omega 3 supplement (half recomended dose). Curcumin 1000 to 2000mg. 

Iso whey used two to three times daily for increased protein. 

When on cycle i add saw Palmetto for prostate health and occasionally milk thistle. A joint supplement may be needed for those who suffer with inflammation etc glucosamine chondroitin for example. 

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