Food quantity

Struggling with the quantity of food as its more than im used to. Which is not hard as i under eat. I know that within a month i will be hungry for each meal. Its important to stick with a plan and allow your body to adjust. The more calories you can get your metabolism moving on the better. The last thing i want to do is shut my metabolism down like last prep where i ended up on 1400kcal. Part of the reason i got a coach was so i could stop double guessing myself. Its easy for me to suffer but when it comes to putting more food in i struggle. Trust in your coach, they can look at you with fresh eyes and it will avoid any doubts you have when you asses yourself.

And remember, get yourself a good pair of scales. Its vital to ensure portion sizes are correct so your coach is not left in the dark. We need to control all variables so precision is very important. 

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