Day 1. 18 weeks out.

Day 1: PUSH DAY.

So here we are, day 1. 113kg, very soft, 4 months off all enhancements and ready for the next 18weeks of prep. Getting used to a new plan can take a week or two. At first the food prep seems to take forever. Dont despair, you will soon find your rhythm and become more efficient in your prep. I have started to track all my workouts so I can start beating my numbers each week and ensure progression. Happy to announce I am now working with Jordan Peters. Yes even coaches need coaches. I respect Jordan a lot, his work ethic is second to none and I know having him in my corner will help me bring my best yet. Follow us on Instagram for daily videos. We hope these blogs will give you an insight into what we do and give you a chance to interact with us. 



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  • Ryan on

    Thanks Rachel 😍

  • Rachel on

    Awesome Blog. Looking forward to seeing your progress through the weeks. Show them!!!!

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