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Primitive Performance offer a specialist physique transformation service. We have a combined experience of over 40 years within the fitness and bodybuilding industry. We have worked with thousands of individuals over the years helping clients achieve their long term physique goals and working with high level competitors. We offer affordable contest prep and transformations for those who are ready to take their physiques to the next level.

Body Transformation specialist. With over 40 years combined experience we work with clients wanting to compete in physique contests and those just looking for a physique Transformation. Our programmes include tailor made diet and training plans.

The Primitive Performance Team

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At Primitive Performance we believe that a sucessful physique transformation can be incredibly empowering.  We enjoy working with a wide variety of clients, all with their own unique stories and goals. All of our programmes are completely tailor made for you. As athletes we have personally worked along side some of the best coaches in the world from Neil Hill to Chris Aceto and Jordan Peters. This investment has given us a better understanding of the various types of coaching and enabled us to taylor our own approach.



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